Welcome at the 2015 European Company Sport event

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There is one single noble and precious word which the great William Shakespeare used to define as currency not in circulation, since it was not used so much. It is a word that it is very hard to hear even today. This word is THANKS. Thanks to all of you who have taken part in… Read more »

Giacomo Crosa

Dear Friends,   Athletes  and Staff,  thank you. I am very happy and proud of your decision to attend the ECSGRiccione 2015. My personal experience as an Olympic athlete comes from an experience like yours, when I used to compete for a Steel Company,  its name was ITALSIDER. Therefore,  please think of me for all intents,… Read more »


Taking part in the Opening Ceremony of the 20th edition of the ECSG on 3rd June will be a pleasure but it must be considered as a duty as well. The City of Riccione has put itself at disposal in order to provide all of us and you with the right environmental and technical conditions… Read more »